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Are walk-ins welcome?

The practice primarily works on an appointment basis. Walk-in patients are welcomed; however, patients with appointments will be given priority. Thus, you are encouraged to make an appointment.

How long is a consultation?

Generally, standard appointments are 15 minutes long. However, if your issue is rather complex, your GP will be happy to discuss for longer (30 minutes). 

How are diagnostic test results managed?

Test results are only given to the patient concerned. After our doctors review the results, we will call patients and ask to arrange an appointment with a Doctor to follow on the results. The results may be emailed to the patient afterwards in some cases.

How do I get a medical certificate?

Medical certificates can be provided by your doctor following a consultation. 

Do I need to make an appointment for a blood test?

As long as you have a pathology request form from your GP, you do not need to make a booking. Just visit the practice and see the onsite pathology collectors.

How can I organise a specialist consultation?

Specialists typically require a referral letter from a GP. Please make an appointment with a GP to ask about a referral letter.